Crash Bash LIVE NEWS

Holiday Special
December 1, 2020 - Team Nitro

It's holiday season, so get into a festive mood with this wearable gift!

(Holiday Hat automatically awarded when you start the game in December)

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20th Anniversary Update
November 6, 2020 - Team Nitro

It's the 20th Anniversary of Bash, and we're celebrating it with a new update out now!

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Next Up
August 21, 2020 - Team Nitro

The upcoming update is scheduled for early November 2020!
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Customize Your Fighters
March 24, 2020 - Team Nitro

Starting in the next update, you'll be able to customize your fighters more than ever before!

Each character can have their own custom loadout made of acquired items: a Costume, a Wearable, a Paint Can (for vehicles and weapons), an Emblem (for characters and vehicles), and a Podium (visible during results and character select).
Some customization items can be unlocked in Adventure mode and by levelling up in the new progression system, with the remaining ones being inside Loot Crates.
Loot Crates are a streamlined way to get randomized items:
- Can be earned by levelling up, beating Arcade modes, completing challenge sets, and finishing Festivals
- May contain tools that modify other items
- Will only contain unlockable items after they're unlocked
- If you unbox a duplicate item, it will be painted in a randomly generated color
- Furthermore, any two customization items can be "recycled" into one new Loot Crate

We're excited to know what you think of these systems and we are hard at work to be able to ship this update later this year!
Want to get involved? You can submit your Emblem Art or Wearables over DM, Discord or E-mail.
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Festival Update Roadmap
February 15, 2020 - Team Nitro

Here's an idea of what we plan for future updates to the game:

We'll have more details to share soon and the MotorWorld Festival is planned to begin later this year!
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